North Coast Newsstands


North Coast Locations

Aunt Neens
35 S Chestnut St

65 S Chestnut St

Hickory Grove Golf Course    
Fairway Dr

Colucci's Pizza    
124 S Chestnut St

Mr. Hero    
124 S Chestnut St

1075 S Chestnut

104 S Chestnut St

Mugs Restaurant     
18 S Chestnut St

Pueblo Real    

Jefferson Golden Dawn    
43 E Jefferson St

Jefferson Diner    
20 N Chestnut St

Covered Bridge Office
(Old Courthouse) 25 W Jefferson St

Wild Side    
71 N Chestnut St

Pizza Joe's    
51 N Chestnut St

Lantern Beverage    
122 N Chestnut St

Andover Bank    
150 N Chestnut St

135 N Chestnut St

Busch Automotive    
87 W Ashtabula St

AC&J Railroad    
145 E Walnut St

Mike's Bike's    
1064 N Market  St

Bird Feeder    
1484 State Route 46 N #9

Computer Hospital     
1484 State Route 46 N #9

Custom Quality    
1496 State Route 46 N #9

Kenisee Lake/Thousand Trails    
Millcreek Rd
2776 St Rt 307

Jewel's Dance Hall    
1770 Mill St

Coffee Creek    
1591 St Rt 45

Capps Pizza    
1736 St Rt 45

Andover Bank    
1583 St Rt 45

Conneaut Savings Bank    
2046 St Rt 45

Clay Street Grille    
2092 St Rt. 45

Emerine Tow     
2138 St Rt 45

Better n Bulk    
St St Rt 45

Hampton Inn    
2900 Gh Dr

Burger King    
2239 St Rt 45

Flying J Truck Stop    
2349 St Rt 45

1850 Austinburg Rd

Ramada Inn    
1860 Austinburg Rd

Holiday Inn Express    
1831 Austinburg Rd

Maple Ridge Golf Course    
8921 St Rt 45
Geneva State Park Campground    
4499 Padanarum Rd

Geneva on the Lake Marina    
4499 Padanarum Rd

Willow Lake Campground     
3935 Rt 534 N

Beverage Depot     
119 N Broadway

Broadway Antiques    
71 N Broadway

Major True Value    
55 N Broadway

Luisa's Resturaunt    
41 N Broadway

Honey Bee's    
75 W Main St

Capo's Pizza II    
118 W Main St

Rosemary's Pizza    
721 E Main St

Catherine's Christmas    
910 E Main St

Geneva Foodmart    
148 S Broadway

Stylin' on Broadway    
152 S Broadway

Andover Bank    
655 S Broadway

Giant Eagle     
755 S Broadway

Toy n Hobby    
775 S Broadway

1010 S Broadway

1640 St Rt 534

Karran Shop    
413 S Ridge Rd

Dale's Geneva Truck Stop    
1851 S Broadway

Best Friends Resturaunt    
534& I-90

534 & I-90

5218 Township Rd

Robinson's Apple Barn    
307 & 534

Kenisee Campground    
4680 Rt 307 E

RV Trailer Sales    
4680 Rt 307 E

Ferrante Winery    
5585 Rt 307 W

Hemlock Springs Golf Course    
4654 Cold Cork Springs Rd

Trumbull Locker    
3393 Rt 534

Millbrook Resort    
4051 State Route 46 S-New Lyme
Geneva Lodge    
4888 Rt 534 N

Max's Carryout    
Lake Grove Ave

Lakehouse Inn and Winery    
5653 Lake Rd

Adventure Zone    
5600 Lake Rd

GOTL Chamber of Comm    
5536 Lake Rd E

High Tide Tavern    
5504 Lake Rd

Old Firehouse Winery    
5499 Lake Rd

Earths Natural    
Next door to Firehouse

Game On    
5483 Lake Rd

GOTL Golf Course    
4209 Al Mraz Dr

Mary's Kitchen    
518 Fairfax Dr

Eddie's Grill    
5377 Lake Rd

Sunrise Café    
5367 Lake Rd

The Cove    
5326 Lake rd

Lakeview Resort    
5287 Lake Rd

GOTL Brewing    
5243 Lake Rd

Anchor Motel    
5169 Lake Rd

Dian's Poolside    
5169 Lake Rd

The Loft    
4720 Lake Rd E

Indian Creek resort    
4710 Lake Rd E
University Hospital Ashtabula Healthcare    
3315 N Ridge Rd E

Ashtabula Mall Office     
3315 N Ridge Rd E

2835 N Ridge Rd E
Edge O Town Motel     
2328 N Ridge Rd E
Lakeshore Park    
1700   E 1st St

Crows Nest    
1257 Harmon Rd

Sutherland Marine    
9709 Bridge St
621 Goodwill Dr

Harbor Perk    
1003 Bridge St

Great Lakes Marine Museum    
1071  Walnut Blvd

Lakeway Resturaunt    
729 Lake Ave

824 Lake Ave

Ace Hardware     
860 Lake Ave

Ashtabula Arts Center    
2928 W 13th St

Jack's Marine     
2000 Great Lakes Ave

Premiere Fitness    
plaza on Lake Ave

2420 Lake Ave

Ashtabula Chamber    
4536 Main Ave

Baker Bike    
996 W Prospect

Skufka Auto Body    
989 W Prospect

1243 W Prospect

Gilded Swan     
5024 West Ave

Chapel Hill Golf Course    
3381 Austinburg Rd

1730 W Prospect

1601 S Ridge Rd W

Giant Eagle    
4390 N Ridge Rd W

Ho Hum Hotel     
3801 N Ridge Rd W

Kelly's Garden's    
4220 N Ridge Rd W

Mariner's Point    
6035 Lake Rd W

Saybrook Beach Club     
5237 Lake Rd W

N Kingsville & Kingsville    
Village Green Campgrounds    
7100 Leisure Ln Kingsville

Kray Feed    
6560 S Main St  N Kingsville

Covered Bridge Pizza    
6541 S Main St N Kingsville

Dollar General     
6285 S Main St

Kingsville Library    
6006 Academy St

Marcy Wheel & Tire    
Rt 193 7 I-90

Kay's Place Restaurant    
Rt 193 7 I-90

Kingsville Travel Center    
Rt 193 7 I-90

Kingsville Towing    
5370 Rt 193

Byler Country Kitchen    
400 Rt 193

Tony Orlandos    
6277 Rt 193 (S.Main St)

Circle K    
5569 Rt 193
Day's Inn    
Rt 7 7 I-90

Evergreen Lake Campground    
703 Center Rd (Rt 7)

Orlando Bros Golden Dawn    
281 Main St

Conneaut Coin Laundry    
326 W Main Rd

Rainbow Café    
263 Main St

Gerdes Pharmacy    
245 Main St

Conneaut Chamber of Comm    
235 Main st

257 E Main st

White Turkey Drive-in    
388 E Main St

Marshall's Auto Body    
212 Main St

Broad Street Mini Mart    
500 Broad St

Railroad Museum    
363 Depot St

Conneaut Dairy Queen    
1009 Main St

UHHS Brown Memorial Hospital    
158 W Main Rd

350 W Main Rd
Port Conneaut    
Bottom Line Sports Lounge    
187 Park Ave

Port Authority Office    
1200 Broad St

Portside Marina    
1200 Broad st

Angela Café    
268 Lake Rd

Harbor Beverage    
985 Broad St

M&R Foods    
1033 Lake Rd
Madison Library    
6111 Middle Ridge Rd

Powderhorn Golf Course    
3991 Bates Rd

Debonne Vineyards    
7743 Doty Rd

JC Nifty-Fifty Diner    
104 W Main St

Layton Physical Therapy    
2899 Hubbard Rd

Romans IV Resaurant    
1409 N Hubbard Rd

Los Compadres    
1410 N Hubbard Rd

Max's Carryout    
1413 N Hubbard Rd

Erie Shores Golf Course    
7298 Lake Rd E

Madison Country Golf Club    
6231 Chapel Rd

Lake Effectz    
3710 Lake Rd

Bendelewski Meats    
6732 N Ridge Rd E

Backyard Feeding Station    
7188 N Ridge Rd E

Sands RV    
5267 N Ridge Rd W

Grand River Cellars    
5750 Madison Rd (Rt 528)

Mentor RV    
145 RW Parkway

Giant Eagle    
6556 N Ridge Rd

Perry Village Market    
5739 Center Rd

Perry Library    
3753 Main St

Perry YMCA    
4540 River Rd

Rideout's IGA    
2736 N Ridge Rd

Growing Center    
2932 N Ridge Rd
Fairport Harbor    
400 High St

Fairport Beverage    
200 3rd St

Harbon Towne Point    
625 Prospect

Fairport Lighthouse Museum    
128 2nd St

Highwater Tavern    
935 High st

Senior Center    
301 High St
Major True Value    
1740 N Ridge Rd

Falcone's Convenient    
444 N State St

Lake Tran    
555 Lake Shore Blvd

Redi-GO- Richmond St    
165 Richmond St

Painseville Chamber of Comm    
1 Victoria Sq Suite 265 A

Lake Co Visitors Bureau    
1 Victoria Sq Suite 265 A

Redi-GO-Walnut St    
43 W Walnut St

Morely Library    
184 Phelps St

Redi-GO-Chestnut St    
185 Chestnut St

933 Mentor Ave

Lake Erire College
391 W Washington St

Lake Metroparks    
11211 Spear Rd

Quail Hollow    
Off Rt 44 & 90- Concord

Convenient- Concord    
9843 Johnnycake Ridge Rd
Country Peddlar    
8625 Mentor Ave

Mentor Public Lirary    
8215 Mentor Ave

Java Express    
7265 Center St

Wes Reserve Harley Davidson    
8567 Tyler Blvd

Mentor Ice Arena    
8500 Civic Center Blvd

Lake Shore Mini Mart    
5801 Andrews Rd- MOTL

Holiday Inn    
7701 Reynolds Rd

Laguna Station    
8320 Lakeshore Blvd.

Fine Arts Association- Wanda W    
38660 Mentor Ave

Indian Museum Willoughby Tech    
7519  #112    Mentor Ave
Grand River Valley KOA    
6445 Ledge Rd- Thompson