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Volunteers needed to clean up Dorset home

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DORSET TOWNSHIP - Volunteers and donations are needed to help restore the home of a Dorset Township man who was the victim of a home invasion and assault in late November.

A group of volunteers are visiting the home this Thursday, Dec. 15, to clean it up, organizer Annette Paul said. Volunteers are assembling at 11 a.m. and will remain until the home is cleaned up, or until 4 p.m., whichever comes first. The volunteers can’t stay later than that because the home is without electricity at this point in time.

Then, on Saturday, Dec. 17, the group of volunteers will return to the home on 9 a.m. to repair some of the damage caused by the suspects.

So far, volunteers include members of H20, the county-wide interdenominational group, members of the Dorset community, members of the Dorset Baptist Church and friends, Paul said.

“We really need donations of money to help clean this up,” Paul said.

The Dorset Township home, located at the 2200 block of Railroad Street, was destroyed when an 18-year-old teen and three juveniles entered the home and accused the 50-year-old man  living there of stealing an iPod. When the victim responded that he did not have the item, the suspect, Cody Trenn, 18, punched him in the face several times while the other teens began breaking things in the house, according to Ashtabula County Sheriff Department reports. The teens then proceeded to break every window in the victim’s house and rip all of the doors off their hinges. Nearly every piece of furniture was also damaged and broken, and the teens damaged the cabinets and countertops with an ax and sledge hammer. Money was taken from the victim’s waller, and the teens set a fire in the middle of the living room.

Volunteers will work on Thursday to help clean up the damage, Paul said. She said they want to restore the home enough so the man can continue to live there.

Anyone wanting to volunteer is welcome, Paul said. Anyone with questions can call her at 812-8591.

One of the biggest expenses of the clean up already has been taken care of. After scrambling to find a company to donate a dumpster, Double Eagle Dumpster in Conneaut came through for the volunteers.

“It was like a prayer was answered,” Paul said.

Once the home is cleaned up on Thursday, the volunteers will return on Saturday to  repair and replace windows and doors, toilet, sink, drywall and more.

“Many hands make for light work,” Paul said.

Monetary or material donations are also welcome. People can call the H20 office at 576-4561 ext. 1 for more information. The Dorset Baptist Church is in charge of collecting the monetary donations, which can be mailed to Dorset Baptist Church, Box 81, Dorset 44032. People should mark the donations “house restoration fund” on the check memo line and on the outside of the envelope and make the check payable to the church.


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