County auditor resigns office permanently

by Marian McMahon

LAKE COUNTY – The Board of Commissioners passed a resolution at the Feb. 28 meeting accepting the Feb. 23 resignation of auditor-elect Edward H. Zupancic.

Local employers get medical marijuana advice

by Glen Miller

MENTOR – Ohio’s new law allowing use of medical marijuana to treat certain illnesses is complex and considered to be incomplete, according to a consultant who spoke to Lake County chambers of commerce members March 6.

Mentor Library celebrating 200 years

by Angelo Velotta

MENTOR - The Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce annual State of the City meeting started with Neil Stein, chair of the Board of the Mentor Area Chamber of Commerce, welcoming everyone.

The state of the City of Mentor is strong

by Angelo Velotta

MENTOR - The Paradigm Building was the site for the 2019 State of the City Address for Mentor. It seemed fitting given the definition of paradigm is the standard, example, or archetype, and the bustling suburb of Mentor has often fit that mold.

Spring Clean-up dates set

by Marian McMahon

PERRY TOWNSHIP – Administrator Karen Sundy proposed the Spring Clean-up be held April 20 and 27 this year at the Feb. 26 Board of Trustees meeting. Pickup north of the railroad tracks will be one week and south of the tracks will be the other week.
Trustee Chair Rick Amos said they could have just one bidder again this year.

Having short-term shelter plan proposed

by Marian McMahon

MADISON TOWNSHIP – After recognizing the departments for doing additional work when the area had high winds the previous week, Trustee Max Anderson called for a Township plan for short-term power outages at the Feb. 26 meeting.

LCDU ‘on the scent’ of a solution to bad odors

by Marian McMahon

LAKE COUNTY – People often say something doesn’t smell right or something stinks when they believe something wrong is going on. In the case of Painesville Township residents who live near the Lake County Solid Waste Facility, the something wrong is literally the bad smells.