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Perry Fall Festival is coming up

 PERRY - Perry Area Joint Recreation District will host its 10th Annual Fall Festival at Lee Lydic Park on Call Road in Perry Village on Saturday, Sept. 6 and Sunday, Sept. 7. Festival hours are noon to 8 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 5 p.m. on Sunday.
This family themed event will include familiar favorites like the Chinese Auction, the Perry Women’s League Daisy Drop,

Diabetes group plans summer activities


PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP – Terry Mowery is a busy man. As president of the Lake County Juvenile Diabetes Walk Family he has plenty on his calendar.
“All the cities and towns in Lake County have summer festivals and this year Painesville Township joins the fun,” Mowery said. “On Saturday, Aug. 23, from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m., the first Painesville Township Fun Day will take place.”
LCJDWF will have a big presence at the Fun Days.
“We’ll be there to spread diabetes awareness. There will be games and crafts for the kids

Camp Sue Osborn receives donation


MENTOR – Deepwood’s Willoughby Advocacy Committee members presented a check to Camp Sue Osborn board members at Broadmoor School Tuesday, July 29.
Each year the Willoughby Advocacy Committee holds a Chili Cook Off during Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. All proceeds from this event

Things you didn't know about the birthday girl

Rose Around Town


Who am I? I'll give you some clues, be they trivial or just plain silly. (After all, I have to have my yearly birthday fun.)
*  I was born in August 1940 in Lake County, Ohio. By choice, I still live here, though I did grow up with ten siblings who did NOT choose to stay here.
*  Even though our family went without a lot, as did many families in that era, there were always books in our home, and we were grateful for that.
*  I went to Catholic elementary school in the days when nuns wore long black wool dresses and a starched habit that stood out

Come to a community picnic

PAINESVILLE – Pack up a picnic lunch and come to Painesville's Day in the Park for a large community picnic with the family. It will be held Saturday, Sept. 6 from 1 to 4 p.m. at Kiwanis Recreation Park in the city.
Enjoy the day with family, friends, neighbors and some friendly competition.

LCJD Walk Family sponsors run


PAINESVILLE TOWNSHIP – The Lake County Juvenile Diabetes Walk Family held its 1st Annual 5k Run at Madison Township Park Aug. 10.
The LCJDWF’s mission is to offer education and guidance about diabetes.
“The proceeds will go toward the Christmas for several diabetic children and their families,” said LCJDWF President Terry Mowery. “There will be Christmas

Bucket List #13: Ashtabula County Fair


This week Becke from Jefferson invited Zach to check out the Ashtabula County Fair.

I have these vague, fuzzy memories of being packed into my uncle’s car and taken somewhere where I ate fried food, looked at goats and begged for tickets for the twirl-a-whirl. But nothing concrete. So while it is possible I have attended a county fair, I know for a fact I have not since at least Ronald Reagan was President.
I know the fair is a way of life for many in this county, but it was basically a completely new experience for me.
In my neighborhood, I grew up five blocks from a Dairymen’s Factory yet I have never touched a cow. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I even knew that 4-H or FFA even existed.

Ashtabula Bucket List #12: Disc Golf


This week Larry from Ashtabula invited Zach to play Disc Golf.

When I was a schoolteacher, my car’s trunk could have passed for a small sporting goods store. Of course there were basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseballs, softballs, dodgeballs and footballs, but I also had bats, bases, jump ropes and pinnies. The one thing that did not fit in my trunk was a portable Frisbee catcher.
I bought it out of a catalog with my own money and used it as unit in gym class and sometimes at recess. I would set up a small course and move it around to pre-marked spots.
I have not taught for many years, and it started to take up dust in my parents’ basement until my nieces discovered it one summer and wanted to know what it was. We patched it up and it was fun for about a half hour until they lost interest.
So I was intrigued that there was a real Disc Golf Course at Lake Shore Park and is the home course of the Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club. If you visit, you can read about the history of the sport and the course itself.  There is even a virtual tour of the course.
I contacted the club and the current president Larry Jennings invited me to join the members of their handicap league on a Wednesday evening.
Jennings told me at one point, the club would attract 15-20 on Sunday night and maybe half on a weeknight. The club now gets about four to six on Wednesday nights. While the average age of the sport across the county is a young, in Ashtabula the regulars are in their mid 40s.
On the day I stopped by the course, Jennings was joined by Bob Klinger, Reggy Woodworth and Kevin Smith. For their league, each hole is considered par 3. The rules are basically the same as golf. The holes range from 160 to 500 yards. The course is quite hilly and there are a lot of trees.

Ashtabula Council president keeps an online presence


ASHTABULA – Politics can be divisive. Most people try to avoid political discussions in public often to steer clear of inflaming an argument. On the Internet, however, where a person doesn’t have to look another person in the eye, opinions fly fast and furious. Most politicians stay away from the Internet. There is a belief that you can’t win an election there, but you can lose one.
Council President J.P. Ducro IV is the owner of Ducro Funeral Services and Crematory, a family business that has served Ashtabula for five generations. By trade, Ducro’s job description is to find a way to please everyone he serves.
In politics, that is an impossible task. Ducro admits when he first considered running for council he was worried that the family business could be affected.
“This is personal business, and if people are mad at me for something I do, most likely they will not use our business. It is a reason I steered away from running for office as long as I did,” Ducro said. “I have heard many times growing up at the family table that politics and business don’t mix. It has the potential to hurt your business. As politics usually go, 50 percent of the people are happy with your decision and the other half are upset and take it personal.”