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CDC funding will help support development of the North Shore Trail

ASHTABULA - Earlier this month, the Civic Development Corporation of Ashtabula County kicked off its 2015 campaign by seeking Letters of Intent.
The Civic Development Corporation (CDC) of Ashtabula County is an organization that provides leadership in addressing and planning for the needs of Ashtabula County by identifying as its strategic goals certain development programs, capital projects and initiatives, which will improve the quality of life in the county; and provide the fundraising, organization, financial experience and oversight to attain these goals.

Whitneyshianne Smith will represent Ashtabula in Miss Ohio Teen USA

ASHTABULA – Whitneyshianne Smith may only be 17 years old, but the Lakeside High School senior is used to being on stage being judged.
“I have been in 132 pageants and I have won 120,” Smith said. “I started with modeling and pageants when I was four months old. My mom put my first pageant in my baby book and I read all about it. I won.”

Building on the move


JEFFERSON - If you were in the area of Mechanicsville Road in Austinburg Township traveling into the Village of Jefferson on Wednesday, Sept. 24, you may have seen an unusual sight.

Meet Your Neighbor: Dr. Franley excited to return to his hometown

JEFFERSON – Growing up in Jefferson, Nathan Franley did not have to look far for inspiration.
His paternal grandfather Harold Franley was a family medicine doctor in Jefferson for many years. His maternal grandfather William Lake was a highly respected veterinarian in the area. His father, Harold, Jr., built a strong dental practice in Jefferson. His Aunt Debbie and Uncle Doug Franley were also physicians in the county.

From Conneaut To Canada and Back

CONNEAUT - From an early age, 88-year-old Shirley Cooper was given the nickname “Gabby.”


Golden Mural Assures A Golden Dawn Day

CONNEAUT -  A second 20-foot-high mural is nearing completion on the exterior west wall of Orlando Brothers Golden Dawn on Main Street.

Jefferson Rec Center scores with soccer donation


JEFFERSON - The Village of Jefferson Community Recreation Center scored big for its soccer league last week, as Great Lakes Chevrolet of Jefferson made a large donation to the program.

Meet Your Neighbor: Arlene Onion

JEFFERSON – Most people would feel blessed to live 75 years. Arlene Onion was recognized in 2012 for being a member of the National Grange of the Order of Patrons of Husbandry for 75 years.
“Grange is a great place to go to meet your friends, neighbors and relatives,” the recently turned 91-year-old Onion said. “Grange helps promotes the community.”
Onion not only proudly shows off her 75-year certificate, she has kept most of the certificates she has earned over the years, including a Degree of Flora from 1947 that looks as pristine as the day she was awarded it.

Ashtabula Bucket List #12: Disc Golf


This week Larry from Ashtabula invited Zach to play Disc Golf.

When I was a schoolteacher, my car’s trunk could have passed for a small sporting goods store. Of course there were basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, baseballs, softballs, dodgeballs and footballs, but I also had bats, bases, jump ropes and pinnies. The one thing that did not fit in my trunk was a portable Frisbee catcher.
I bought it out of a catalog with my own money and used it as unit in gym class and sometimes at recess. I would set up a small course and move it around to pre-marked spots.
I have not taught for many years, and it started to take up dust in my parents’ basement until my nieces discovered it one summer and wanted to know what it was. We patched it up and it was fun for about a half hour until they lost interest.
So I was intrigued that there was a real Disc Golf Course at Lake Shore Park and is the home course of the Shoot the Breeze Disc Golf Club. If you visit, you can read about the history of the sport and the course itself.  There is even a virtual tour of the course.
I contacted the club and the current president Larry Jennings invited me to join the members of their handicap league on a Wednesday evening.
Jennings told me at one point, the club would attract 15-20 on Sunday night and maybe half on a weeknight. The club now gets about four to six on Wednesday nights. While the average age of the sport across the county is a young, in Ashtabula the regulars are in their mid 40s.
On the day I stopped by the course, Jennings was joined by Bob Klinger, Reggy Woodworth and Kevin Smith. For their league, each hole is considered par 3. The rules are basically the same as golf. The holes range from 160 to 500 yards. The course is quite hilly and there are a lot of trees.